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connects the two banks of the Lujiang River. It also has a history of several decades. Lujiang Bridge is a pontoon. The pontoon is floating on the water without hanging. It is a straight line with a length of forty meters and a width of three meters. The first section is made of wood, the middle section is made of iron, and the end is made of cement. It doesn't look very beautiful and sturdy, but it helps a lot of people, many people often praise it! According to a legend, on the evening of July 7th the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl met right above the bridge! This place is the most visible. If a couple sees the two most shining stars this evening, and there are two small stars around one of the shining stars (that is, the family of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl), then the couple can be happy for a lifetime. , Will be smooth and steady along the way. But it is rare for someone to see these four at the same time. If you want to sketch, then on the other side of the bridge is the best place, because there are many trees and flowers, and houses. Although this bridge cannot be compared with China's Zhaozhou Bridge and Lugou Bridge, it also represents a kind of bridge in China. My hometown's bridge composition is 800 words. My hometown is Shengzhou, where there is a Shengzhou Bridge, which is our Shengzhou's largest and most beautiful bridge. The Shengzhou Bridge is about 600 meters long and 30 meters wide, with a traffic lane in the middle and a sidewalk on both sides. It looks like two bows and has a strange shape. During the day, getting on and off the bridge is very lively. At night, the bridge is illuminated with colorful lights, and it looks like two beautiful rainbows from a distance, which is particularly striking. My mother told me: Since the bridge was established, the north and south sides of the city have been connected, the transportation is convenient, and the development of our hometown is faster. Your hometown bridge composition 800, you are in a quiet posture, sitting next to the vineyard-soaked alley. You, bowing rickety back, across the two sides. Silently staring at the alley that accompanied his life. The damp, scattered stone slabs are holding tufts of fresh green grass. This is the reproduction of life. The sun-drenched tiles spread across the roof in a patchwork pattern. The ancient, gray and black brick wall reveals the vicissitudes of time, and there is also a gentleness like a flower. The sunlight after the rain is really comfortable, and the raindrops swirl around and roll down the eaves. "Tick--" You smiled. This familiar and moving voice, you don't know how many times you listened. A child, holding a brand-new windmill, was running, laughing at this moment, the ancient alley, but the rhythm of youth. You are ordinary, from beginning to end Cigarettes Online, you don't have any place to show off. You love the ordinary here-with you through the alleys for decades. You raised your hand slightly and changed your posture. The child sat on the bridge and oscillated his windmill. You are like a few old stone slabs, which are randomly scattered. The bridge is hollow, but it is just right. Your body is full of traces of time. You are like an old man on crutches, guarding this square inch peacefully. You think this is your responsibility. You are ordinary, really ordinary. Ordinary people rarely walk past you, the ordinary ripples in the water did not make a sound. Just let the moss grow on the sides of your feet, and listen to the grass to say hello to yourself. When the moonlight pours on you, when the moonlight spills over the alley, it is your happiest moment, as if you have returned to the old days Newport 100S. Pull away your heavy memories. The children hummed the nursery rhymes they just learned, more like singing for you. Ordinary you have an extraordinary soul. Since childhood, you have your own dream. You decide to dedicate to people every moment of your life, even if there is only a trace of power. Day after day, year after year. Although your hands have dried up and your face is already covered with wrinkles, you always stick to your dreams. The erosion of wind and rain, the biting of ice and snow, the spring, and the autumn, can not shake your determination at all. Because, you love here, you love this ancient world, this place is full of your memories! You have to protect your family and support a "world of love" here Carton Of Cigarettes, although you are already old. But as long as one day, your family still needs you, you will still stand here. The child stood up from the bridge and ran happily into the distance. "Tick--" Another drop of raindrops rolled off the eaves ...
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