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“When you have the ability to identify the smell of a new sneaker, Fake Yeezy 380 For Sale what it smells like when it comes straight from the factory, then you’ll have the ability to identify the wrong smell,” Copeland said. “You get [a sense of] wrong smells because of how or where they were manufactured. If it wasn’t manufactured by Adidas, it will give off a different smell.”Another indicator can be found with the shoeboxes.“Bootleggers don’t know how to duplicate fonts, and they don’t know how to get the box dimensions correct,” Copeland said. “[Look at] the font they use on the box and the design on the box. The ‘Yeezy Boost’ on a real box has more of a charcoal ash gray look, and the fake box can be really dark. Some boxes can be really small, some can be really big.”

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