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I would like to talk about the deep and resolute Duke Andre, a man who is often silent, often whispering, and who is deep and resolute. This is in great contrast with Pierre's generosity. But the two were close friends, and both wanted to do something meaningful to the people and the country. The difference is that Pierre hopes to do well, but not well. Andrei never said hope, but was actually liberating serfs. However, it is sighing that the glorious and charismatic Duke of Andre suddenly died. He died of a wound infection during the war. This accident made us, modern people with advanced medicine, very incomprehensible. I would also like to talk about the easy-going Count Pierre. He is a kind man who is generous and kind, willing to give alms, and is not sloppy. We saw the twists and turns of his marriage, the deep thoughts inside him, the subtle observations of people and events around him throughout. The author wrote him so importantly that it made me think that this was the incarnation of the author himself. I also wanted to talk about the characters who almost passed by. Denisov, a cavalry officer, a friend of Nicholas and a role model for his youth. Is a spirited character. Impulsively proposing to a friend's sister, likewise, he led his soldiers (in order not to starve) to snatch the quartermaster's food So he disappeared because of the looting of food. He left our sight halfway through. He may be in prison or die in the hospital. So we feel very upset about his fate. This should never be the fate that a civilian hero deserves. However, fortune-making, on the eve of resistance to Napoleon's invasion, the figure of the heroic soldier appeared again in the residence of the commander-in-chief of the Russian army. The stern, decent Amorosimova, the happy and lively Count Rostov's family, and restrained, gentle and virtuous Duke Maria, all leave an indelible mark on us. However, I must not forget to talk about Kutuzov, the commander-in-chief of the Russian army who once commanded the Russian army to fight the invaders. He consistently believed that the seemingly defeated Battle of Borodino was a victory that led to the demise of the enemy, and not like the other parties, only because of the retreat of the Russian army and the abandonment of Moscow, the ancient capital, to conclude that this was a failure. Battle. It turns out that the French army retreated somehow after a few months of stalemate, and then collapsed almost insanely, veteran General Kutuzov finally succeeded in making the French "eager to go home" have to "eat horses" in the severe cold "Meat" went Newport Cigarettes. At the end of the article Carton Of Cigarettes, I felt Kutuzov's personality charm more and more. He rarely had an excitement (except for the period when the invaders were excited to "eat horse meat" before the war), and most of them were in a state of fatigue and acceptance. He did not participate in the conversation or express his opinions, and there was no room for any sensational speech before him. He made no comment and rarely commented; but his consistent words and deeds reflected a strong and tenacious personality power. Sometimes when he was misunderstood and attacked by others, thinking about Kutuzov in the book, he felt immediately. Everything is ridiculous. So you can be indifferent. -Because the real things are not those performances, but our actions; the things that determine the development of the situation are not our wishes, but things are like that. -Such a character and destiny confirms an old Chinese saying: "Scientists cannot do without fortitude and have a long way to go."
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