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"War and Peace" is a magnificent work. It focuses on the issue of war Marlboro Red, and uses the lives of four nobles of Kurakin, Paulkanski, Raustorf, and Bezherhof as clues. It shows the first 15 of the 19th century. Years of Russian history, depicting the lives of various classes, is a magnificent epic that reproduces the characteristics of society at that time. The various characters in the work are accurately and delicately portrayed. Although the scenery is in sight, although it is a 19th-century work, it has been transmitted to this day without any sense of isolation. The compassion for human nature is revealed, and it travels through the background of time and space and still shakes people's hearts. Taking the lives of the four noble families of Paulkanski, Bezukhov, Rostov, and Vasily in wars and peace as clues, it vividly shows that from 1805 to 1820, the Russian-Australian Army and the French Army A series of major historical events, such as the Battle of Austerlitz, the French invasion of Russia, the Moscow fire, and the collapse of Napoleon's army, demonstrated the patriotism and heroism of the soldiers, and praised the greatness of the Russian spirit of enemies and the people victory. The scene is spectacular, the structure is clear, and it has a strong sense of the times. The deepest experience is that the characters in this novel are very distinctive and full of personality. Such as Andrew's introverted personality, strong will, and strong social activity ability; Pierre candid, emotional, lack of practical ability, more focused on the pursuit of moral ideals; the heroine Natasha is an emotionally rich, A woman who is full of vitality, loves nature, and is close to the people Cheap Cigarettes. They have been tempered and grown up in the war to defend the motherland. These major figures have high cognitive value and aesthetic value. The greedy, hypocritical and degenerate personality of the court aristocrat, represented by Kurakin, was also nakedly portrayed and ruthlessly flogged. I think that with Tolstoy's high vision and far sight, he may not take the so-called politics of human beings into account. Fundamentally, Tolstoy should be concerned with a broader spirit and eternity. In War and Peace, Tolstoy used the brains of Pierre and Andre to explore this issue more than once. The final result of the discussion, he did not tell us, which is exactly its objective. He seems to want us to think independently and find out the answer. However, people's thinking is different, and everyone has their own opinions and opinions. Therefore, anyone who has read "War and Peace" has constructed a "War and Peace", "War and Peace", which belongs to him. "Peace" has given me many things, including how the universe works, inspiration for life, and spiritual comfort. I have always liked the character Pierre and treated him mentally as a close friend. He is easy-going, kind, unruly, unrestrained, greedy, but without the aristocratic master's shelf, and often immersed in the spiritual world so that he seems unscrupulous. These characteristics make me feel kind. Natasha is cute, but slightly frivolous, so once Anatoly tempted, she gave up her love for Andrea. After the baptism of war, Natasha is more calm and mature, but at the same time she has lost the liveliness and happiness of the past. Andre is another character. He is cold, intelligent, kind, and sensitive, but often lacks the tolerance of Pierre, so he often regrets it. Andre's death is a shame, but other than that, we couldn't find a better ending to arrange him, after all, he was fully enlightened when he was dying. There are many wonderful clips in "War and Peace", which are worthy of our reflection, such as the scene of Natasha and Pierre's farewell when the Rostovs moved out of Moscow due to the war. Natasha poked her head out of the window and saw Pierre passing by in a hurry, greeting him. They talked briefly, and Pierre seemed careless because he was infatuated with Natasha and considered his own situation. Finally, he waved goodbye to Natasha: "Tomorrow, no! Goodbye, goodbye." Then he stopped. Landed behind the carriage. Natasha had her head out of the window for a while, and smiled at Pierre, who was getting away. This paragraph particularly moved me. Although the conversation between them was very bland and there was almost nothing strange, I could still feel the true feelings of people in the shadow of war. Especially Pierre's sentence: "Tomorrow, no! Goodbye, goodbye." More valuable. He seemed to feel this difference. As Natasha will never see each other again, the war is gradually approaching, and tomorrow will be stormy, so he said such seemingly inadvertent but painful words.
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