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Former Soviet educator Antworten

Former Soviet educator Makarenko said: Without love, there is no education. At Yali Tianxin Middle School, there is an ordinary class teacher and a group of ordinary subject teachers. She is interpreting this love education with actual actions to remember her, and suddenly received an urgent call for help 2017 On April 5, 2014, Wei Honghan from Class 1605 in the first grade of Yali Tianxin Middle School returned home from school and suddenly he had unbearable abdominal pain and vomiting. At that time, the parents of the family were away on business, far northeast. The student has been home alone for three consecutive days. Since they are foreigners, they are newly renting a residential area near Yali Tianxin this year. There are no relatives or friends in Changsha who can say hello. In a hurry, Wei Honghan's mother called the class teacher teacher Hu Jinghui in her eyes. After receiving the call, Teacher Hu said nothing, and rushed from school to the classmate Wei before having dinner. At home. At that time, the situation was very critical. After opening the door, student Wei almost fainted on the ground Cheap Cigarettes, vomiting constantly, and his stomach and abdomen were very painful. Seeing this, Teacher Hu immediately thought of a way to send him to the emergency department of the Second Xiangya Hospital. After the examination, the doctor said that he needed immediate surgery, but the hospital was understaffed at the time and asked the patient's family to consider transferring. In order not to delay treatment, Mr. Hu had to take a taxi to the Provincial Children's Hospital, where he went through the hospitalization procedures and paid for up to 5,000 yuan in hospital expenses. Next, Mr. Hu accompanied him to various inspections, and the inspections were not completed until 12 o'clock in the evening Online Cigarettes. For 6 hours, Teacher Hu did n��t have dinner or drink a sip of water. The warm love is like spring breeze. The other two teachers of Yali Tianxin, Teacher Tan Lixia and Grade Deputy Director Liu Ruiping arrived in time to Teacher Hu and the students Food was delivered and stayed with me until 1am on April 6th Marlboro Lights. The child's parents were not around, and Mr. Hu didn't close his eyes all night, during which time Mr. Wei had a high fever, had some drips, and took medicines. It was not until 3:30 pm the next day (April 6) that Wei's parents rushed back. Seeing that their child was treated in time and his condition was relieved, both parents thanked Mr. Hu very much, leaving tears of gratitude. Patients and medical staff in the same ward also praised and praised the young teachers for their charity, saying, "It's really precious. It's like being alive in our school. There are still many teachers like Teacher Hu who only joined the work soon. Not high, but has been silently practicing this love education
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