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Many people pursue happines Antworten

Many people pursue happiness throughout their lives, and the color of happiness may be different for everyone. For the blind, the color of happiness is gold, because they want to truly feel the sun; for the birds, the color of happiness is blue, because they want to fly freely on the blue sky. For me, the color of happiness is green. I remember when I was young, every time I went to play with my grandfather in the countryside, I saw greens along the way. Whenever I saw these greens, I would wake up immediately after a drowsy sleep, and then hit 12 points. The spirit stared at that piece of green, what a comfortable green! After arriving at Grandpa's house full of vitality Cigarettes For Sale, I was even more excited. On several occasions, I took my brother to the field to play without even saying hello. In that wide world, I could have fun. Unrestrained, the green in the field makes me temporarily forget about the endless homework, the pressure of studying, the green makes me feel comfortable, and the green makes me feel the happiness I have long lost, even if this happiness is short-lived. However, when I visited Grandpa's house in recent years, I found that the greens along the way were becoming less and less, and replaced by houses. When I arrived at Grandpa ��s house, the original green was also reduced a lot. I ran to the pond where I used to play, but I found that the original green pond was full of plankton, and the water turned yellowish. In our There are many people in the society who set up factories and tourist areas in order to get rich. Doing so may make people rich, but it does harm to nature and reduces some natural green ... Tall buildings in cities More and more, but less and less green, can we really ignore the environment in order to pursue economic benefits? The color of happiness in my heart is green, and I always believe that one day, the green in my heart will reappear, bringing more fun to people. [Part 3] What is the color of happiness? Is the eagle flying freely to the blue sky? Is the fish slap against the white spray? Are the raindrops nourishing the green leaves? Or I do n��t know, what is the color of my happiness? I asked my mother what color her happiness was. "Happiness is pink." Mom laughed. "Happiness is to make a hearty dinner for your family. Happiness is to knit a sweater for your family. Happiness is to help you with homework. Happiness is to watch you grow healthily and happily ... �� Happiness is a pink color that represents family love. Mom ��s happiness is pink. I asked my grandmother what color her happiness was. Grandma kindly touched my head and said, "Happiness is orange. Happiness is walking with your grandfather in the sunset, happiness is chatting with old colleagues, old friends, old classmates in the teahouse, happiness is watching the grandchildren and gathering together, happiness is waiting for the grandchildren to grow up quickly, test Go to college ... Happiness is a leisurely orange in old age, grandma's happiness is orange. I asked the teacher what color his happiness was. "Happiness is black. It is the color of the blackboard. Happiness is the satisfaction of learning from the books. Happiness is the careful preparation of lessons in the office. Happiness is the patient teaching on the podium. Happiness is the dedication for education. Happiness is looking at the students. They are struggling to read and get ahead ... Happiness is solemn black. "The teacher's deep eyes shone with the light of wisdom. The happiness of the teacher is black. What is the color of my happiness? My mother gave me tutoring assignments. It is pink. Happiness is when my grandmother waits for me to grow up quickly and is admitted to a key university. It is orange. Happiness is when the teacher looks at me and studies hard. In the future, it will be black Cigarettes Online. Happiness is the bright red of the national flag Marlboro Red. Colorful, happiness constitutes my life happiness color
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