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When you stumble and grow up to an unknown place, there is always someone who will see it clearly, but you can't give a hug and encouragement, but record it in your growth footprint. Today, my class held a class of endless class classes - when you recalled, that innocent you. When I was a child, I was able to cause countless sweetness and uncomfortable memories. This shot is bitter, honey, and a long time that people want to embrace. Looking at the innocent, once-popular, and once-fantasy dreams in the photo, people feel that it is not a fairy tale, but the most subtle light in the way we grow up. In the photo, I saw the Zhang Tongyan of the classmates. Either pouting, or raising the mouth at 30��, saying that children��s words are unscrupulous Marlboro Lights, this is true! According to the arrangement of the event, we have to take a different but exquisite name for each photo. Therefore, everyone is thinking hard about the search in their minds, hoping that their names are different and with blessings to their classmates Online Cigarettes. When a group of photos is presented on the big screen, I can't guess the protagonist. Finally revealed the answer, turned out to be Zhang Xingyu! OH NO! Still can't think of it! Then, Teacher He let us start to take the name. There are "she grows up next door", there is "return", and there are more unique names. There are two names in my head, one is "the transformation of the little fat girl" and the other is the "girl next door." It��s quite apt, I��m secretly self-satisfied, but in the end, Teacher He didn��t call me. sweat! Hey... look at the full number of children's faces that are exported on the big screen. There are some regrets in my heart, because I don��t have my own photos. Who told me to forget to bring them? Who can blame? Thanks to Teacher He for organizing such a fun class class for us, let us have the opportunity to see this Zhang Tongyan, thank you, I think we will continue to walk happily, continue to work hard, continue to move forward, there are flowers on the roadside. There are stars in the sky, and there are dreams in my heart Newport 100S.
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