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e you once asked me such a question: "What is the greatest love in the world?" At that time, I only shook my head because I didn't know, I couldn't answer. . And now I can simply answer: "Mother love." In my eyes, the mother is the greatest and most holy love, and the motherly love is selfless and does not seek repayment. Once, the teacher asked us to say "I love you" to my parents. I am a poorly expressed person, and this is really not to say! But Dante of Italy said: "There is one of the most beautiful voices in the world, and that is the call of the mother." I thought that my mother had done so much for us, saying that one thousand, ten thousand times "I love you" can not replace Newport Cigarettes. I opened my childhood photos and the past was vivid. I was sick and had a fever. My mother sent me to the hospital in the middle of the night. In the hospital, I was hanging water, my mother ran to the west to give me medicine. However, the fire still does not retreat. After the doctor's examination, I got pneumonia. I got pneumonia to eat Chinese medicine, and my mother specially rushed to the First People's Hospital to dispense medicine. Seeing my mother's exhaustion, I finally realized that maternal love is the most holy, noble and unselfish love in the world After hanging the salt water home, my mother began to take medicine, and my mother let me lie in bed, drink it and give it to me. To be particularly bitter, I am very reluctant to drink, my mother said: "Baby, good medicine is good for the disease, this you drink fast, I will buy rock candy and come back soon." When the mother just left the house, the tears of disappointment flowed down... ...Mother loves ordinary and great. When I cry and cry, mother love is a warm embrace. When I learn words, mother love is patient teaching; when I prepare for the night, mother love is warm hot tea; when I am When traveling, maternal love is the sob of the sound; when I achieve results, maternal love is the tears of excitement; when I am sick in bed, maternal love is bloodshot eyes; when I am hot, maternal love is a cool wind. In the summer of that year, my home was out of power. I woke up from my sleep and saw that my mother was giving me a fan, and looked at me gently, as if I was admiring the baby, and I was soaked in sweat and I didn��t notice it. Turned over one body, back to the mother, tears can not help but flow down, can not help but silently in my heart: Mom Marlboro Lights, I love you! After dinner, my mother was brave when she was washing the dishes. She said to her mother, "I love you, mother..." The voice is even smaller than the mosquito, but the mother still heard it. S
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