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n the growing years, my mother always took care of me and cared for me, but I never cared about my mother, and did not notice that the staff's staff had quietly climbed her forehead. My mother usually takes care of me in every possible way. In the New Year's Eve of that year, there were so many delicious foods at home. I couldn't help but seduce them Newport Cigarettes. When my mother was not there, I hid a lot of things in the drawers and waited for me to enjoy them. I don't care about the three seven twenty-one, three, five, and two, they are wiped out, the belly is round, and sometimes a few full. When I was sleeping at night Cheap Cigarettes, I was lying on the bed and turning to the side, how could I not sleep. I licked my stomach, frowned, and my chest was like a block of stone. Suddenly, I felt something in my chest, and when I was black, I spit it out. The quilt was a big piece, and I spit it. My mother was shocked by me first, then quickly got out of bed. First, I washed a face for me, then changed the quilt on the bed, patted my chest and said a word to me: "Well, if you are not comfortable, just tell me. Quick, lay down. Next." Mom wore a sweater, a pair of trousers, and took the quilt and walked out of the room. At that time, a warm current spread all over my body, my nose was sour, and a line of tears flowed down my cheeks to my pillow. I remember when I was in my second year, I forgot to take my shoe cover when I was at school, and I rushed back. Family. When I came back, just as I walked to the school gate, a sly face fell to the ground and fell. The nose was broken and the teeth were halfway. When the teacher took me home, my mother was in a hurry and took me to the hospital after taking the leave. I know that my mother's heart was more anxious than me, and she was hurting, but she didn't say it, but in her sad eyes, I read her helplessness and heartache. Recall that when my mother wants to add a piece of clothes, I am afraid that I am cold. In retrospect, when my mother refuses to let me watch TV, I am afraid that I will affect my studies. Things are nothing but the embodiment of the love of women. Thinking of this, I couldn't help but stand up and ran to my mother. I solemnly said: "Mom, I love you!" Mom touched my head and smiled and said to me: "Baby Marlboro Red, how are you now?" I became so sentimental, I know to say to my mother, I love you! Oh, my niece is sensible." After that, I was so happy that I was so happy that I felt so good. Mother's love, like the moon, always hangs in the sky of my heart; the mother's heart, like the crystal, is always treasured in my treasure of emotions, and the mother loves immortality, always the most proud song in my heart. ... Moonlight shines in through the window, soft moonlight, like the mother's hand. About maternal composition essay 700 words Mom, I lov
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