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Vixea Manplus just want to get this out I've taken seven years from you I've used you for seven years so the least that I can do is offer you seven years of celibacy to show you that I'm in it for you and not for your body and then I prayed that she wouldn't take me up on it like deep groaning spiritual prayer just know on the outside I was very very humble and holy and my wife paused and she looked at me and she said okay and I said no oh my gosh I was so Manplus Vixea scared and my wife and I entered into a time of total celibacy my wife had gone cold distant she didn't love me she wasn't
in love with me and so we just I just said I'm not gonna approach you in that way until we can do it right till I know that I'm doing the right thing was that terrifying yeah for somebody who has an addiction it was terrifying for somebody who thought that I needed that it was terrifying

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