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The value of Zhou said that "three no food", I believe many students have been exposed, this food has no production date, no manufacturer Marlboro Lights, no safety signs, referred to as "three no food." I used to eat it because of my mouth. As a result, my stomach was a week this week. Our class is worth a week. I have to check if anyone buys ��three no foods�� at the school gate, record it, and report to the brigade. This is good, a joke:. "Toothpick meat" for "Description" Zhang sent Xiao Zhou and Xiao Xia to check. They shouldered shoulder to shoulder and saw "small people" Xiaosheng "to the five-dollar toothpick!" "Small screams and screams" Sheng! Do you dare to buy snacks? Be careful, I remember your name! Xiao Zhou pointed at the angry and don't want to be remembered, you will hand over the toothpick meat and let you go!" Xiao Xia laughedXiaosheng refused to do it, and the two of them rushed up, aiming at the toothpick meat, grabbed a few, and ran.he paper can't hold the fire, and the value of the week is worth weeks. Each person writes a "description" of no less than 400 wordsThe toothpicks are eaten happily, and the "description" is hard to write. If you write "description" while you are having a stomach, it will be miserable. Six "Chen Xiaoqiang in the morning, we still check it. There are several conversations like this"You! Buy snacks?! What is it? Which class?" I don't change my name and don't change my name. The big name is Chen Xiaoqiang, haha, and I caught one. "You! Dare to buy snacks? What is it? Which class?" Me? Chen Xiaoqiang... In just ten minutes, we found five Chen Xiaoqiang! When we were going back to work, we found out that we were buying snacks and asked: "What is it?" "Chen Xiaoqiang." "Impossible..." He turned and we looked, wow, it was Chen Xiaoqiang, Although the value week is hard Marlboro Gold, it is very fun.
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