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Swiss best automatic watches brand Bell & Ross draws inspiration from the vintage-inspired Bellytanker in its latest collection. The Vintage Bellytanker collection is available in a limited edition of 500 pieces, proudly demonstrating the passion of the Swiss watch brand for engineering and extreme machinery. The Bellytanker uses a fighter-like aerodynamics and is built using the fuel tank of the fighter. The tank with the engine and four wheels was converted into a streamlined car. Bellytanker is known for speed testing on the huge salt lake beaches of western North America. These huge deserts stretch wide and most of the water evaporates, making it ideal for racing. The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah is the most famous example. The classic model features a small brushed steel case of 38.5 mm, which can be traced back to the watches of the 1940s and 1950s, and to the cockpit of the P-51 Mustang. pay tribute. Flat and slim, adding elegance to the watch. The sturdy bottom cover features a Bellytanker engraving silhouette. Finally, the super-curved sapphire crystal with vintage tones recalls the round windows in the classic aircraft cockpit.

Bell & Ross bell and ross replica designed his own vehicle and was inspired by the later version of Bellytanker. As part of a wheeled aircraft, this new car is fully in line with the spirit of the watch brand, which has aerospace and military technology. This futuristic car is the latest in a series of extreme machines developed by the company. It combines aviation influence and countless accolades of the watch industry. Therefore, the metal on it is like the case of a watch. The glass covering the cockpit echoes the ultra-curved crystal. The copper trim evokes the clock of this era. Its caudal fin is designed to stabilize the vehicle and is a reference for aviation regulations, as is the “nose” matte black. This color is used in some stealth fighters to avoid reflections.

The term "Bellytank" originated in the 1940s and 1950s and originally referred to the emergency landing box installed on the belly of the fighter. Now, "Bellytanker" is mainly used for high-speed racing cars made directly from these spare fuel tanks.

Their history can be traced back to the end of the war. American speed racer Bill Burke wants to build a super-fast car to compete in Salt Beach. He once fought in the South Pacific and gradually fell in love with the elegance of these fighter landing tanks, whose aerodynamic lines seemed to be carved by the wind. In his opinion, they look like the perfect foundation for building his speed machine. He is not mistaken: their droplet shape ensures excellent performance. At the end of the war, many military components were sold cheaply. In 1946, he purchased a storage tank from the P-51 Mustang Company in North America for $35. He used it to build a bright yellow mini hot rod. He installed the fuel tank that made up the body on the chassis and powered it with a powerful V8 engine. He took the prototype to the Bonneville Salt Lake Stadium for testing. cheap mechanical watches

Without realizing this, he created the world's first Bellytanker. The shape and design of this aerodynamic aircraft ensured its position in the great aviation history of North America in the 1940s and 1950s. It was also loaded into the history of racing by Hot Rod and Streamliner. In the automotive world, it also quickly gained an iconic status.
Bill Burke continues to develop tank-based vehicles from the light aircraft Lockheed P-38.

Since the beginning of cooperation in 2016, Berluti and Hublot have further promoted the birth of Art of Fusion: the case has both "Scritto" and bronze leather color matching - this is luxury The iconic logo of the shoe brand. This model is available in titanium or bronze with a Venezia Cold Brown or Cold Gold leather strap. The series will be exclusively available in Japan (Isetan, Ginza, Osaka and Kyoto's Hublot stores) and the New York Hublot store from June 19 to July 20, 2019, and will be available the next day. Available worldwide. Use essential oils and pigments to give shoes a unique character to resist time and color rules. “Scritto” – also one of the hallmarks of the luxury shoe brand – refers to the 18th century French letter that Olga Berluti bought at the auction.

In this iconic series, handwritten lines of text become their mark, which is the expression of hand-made love labor. Wrapping Venezia leather (a natural material) in a waterproof case is a feat in itself.Hublot Big Bang Unico

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