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After finishing my day's homework, I took the evening wind and came to the forest. On the outskirts of the forest is a short Online Cigarettes, short tree. Under the streetlights with a yellowish glow, their leaves appear black and green, which makes them feel like they are wearing a thin black gauze. Walking into the forest, the road under my feet is much narrower, but it also gives me a more natural and quiet feeling. The narrow road is covered with small round spots, sometimes dense and sometimes sparse, which is the shadow of the leaves under the illumination of street lamps. In the middle of the forest is a few holly trees. Its leaves grow in spring and summer, and they are tempered in autumn and winter. Their tenacious vitality makes them evergreen. In my eyes, holly trees represent a firm will and never change. At this time, my eyes flashed over Wen Tianxiang, who was unyielding and unyielding. The trial of "My Lord is in the north, I can't face the South and die" has two kinds of trees next to the holly trees, one is straight and the other is messy. The straight tree grows up to the limit, and it is tough and straight. It stands in the wind without being skewed, as if it were a general on the front line. These generals of the vertical and horizontal battlefields seem to be thinking about the homeland that is thousands of miles away, where they are silently sad; some seem to be conducting military exercises and working for war. Another kind of messy trees are fluttering in the wind Marlboro Red, and the branches and leaves are flickering to the left and right. They are like traitors in troubled times Parliament Cigarettes. They are arrogant and controversial. They are opportunistic and self-interested. They are loyal to the good, such as the "Qin dynasty" of the Song Dynasty murdering Yue Fei. It is simply sin. . Through the cracks in the branches and leaves, looking up at the bright moon in the sky, I can't help but sigh the moonlight of Yue Fei's unfortunately chaste more than 900 years ago, softly sprinkled in the forest. At this time, the forest is more a bit more peaceful and solemn, and the wind is slow. Blowing, everything here seems to constitute a magnificent, colorful night
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