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The pear tree is full of pear blossoms, dotted with green leaves and brown trunks, just as natural and beautiful as the grasslands that have just been snowed. The old grandmother raised her head and looked at the pear tree. The smile on her face was still harmonious. The little girl did not look at the pear tree, did not look at the pear flower, and did not look at the face of the grandmother. Instead, she grabbed the grandmother��s big hand with her own little hand. The scorpion above. One, two, three, four... just count. The little girl didn't know where these scorpions came from, but simply felt uncomfortable. The grandmother finally looked away from the pear tree and left her old body. The hand was pulled out of the little girl and smiled and said, "I feel uncomfortable." The little girl suddenly grabbed the hand that the old grandmother had withdrawn, and said with milk, "comfortable, no discomfort!" After that, he grabbed the grandmother's hand tightly, for fear that the grandmother would pull back his hand, like a guard. Eat kittens. When the grandmother��s hand was caught back, first of all, after seeing the little girl��s movement, she couldn��t help but laugh. Lifting his other hand and stroking the little girl's head, the grandmother's hand is cold Marlboro Gold, the little girl is holding the grandmother's hand, hoping to heat her, but no success. The old grandmother stood up on her knees and her eyes turned toward the pear tree. She said softly: "Look, the pear blossoms are open again! The little girl listened to the grandmother's words and followed the pear tree Cigarettes For Sale. This is the first time she thinks that pear blossoms are so beautiful Newport 100S. It��s so beautiful! The grandmother grasped the little girl��s hand tightly, and at this moment, a pear blossomed down, just falling in the palm of the two hands. At that moment, the little girl no longer felt that the grandmother��s hand was iced. Because she already felt the warmth that passed through the pear flower, I opened my eyes, I had tears the pillow, and I woke up. I picked up my right hand and the temperature in my hand still seemed to exist. The left hand held the palm of my right hand and looked at the bed. The photo, it was the little girl and the grandmother, the background is the pear tree full of pears. I looked at the photo and smiled and said softly: "Hey, are you okay?"
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