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05.09.2019 09:44
OK, what else? I said, Antworten

e staff on the opposite side was cold and scary. I am glad that my bank card was run by the school Wholesale Cigarettes. If I let myself go to the bank, I am afraid. It is your own name will be filled in wrong. After waiting for ten minutes, my dad seemed to be falling asleep, and my body was bent in my seat. I was really afraid that he would snoring in this quiet place, but fortunately, he woke up in time and asked me if it was my turn. No, I said it was still early, there are still many people in front. He stood up, moved down, said, gone, so many people, there are cards, we went to another bank, my bank card is Bank of China, another Chinese bank is not far from this, the car On the road, I suddenly felt that I was not coming out to do the card but to take a ride. At this time, I have no feeling for the hair, let it float, just arrange it when parking. When I arrived at the bank, I found that the people inside were indeed one or two less than the previous ones. My father and I said that it is almost the same. My dad said that it is not. You see, here are all saving and activating. They will do it very quickly. In comparison, it is definitely faster than the previous one. I nodded, and then according to my father's appearance, I took the number. The above shows the number 13 and there are seven people in front. I am quietly waiting for this bank to be a bank. The difference is in the attitude of the staff. There is a lot of enthusiasm here. I sat and played the game on my mobile phone. After a while, a sister in a black suit came over and said to me, is it a card or something else, I said I want to activate. The sister heard this obviously happy, probably because it would make them a lot easier, then she asked me if I would like to open online banking and text messages, and open a free 20 yuan call. I was anxious about my game, and then I remembered the words that the school's political teacher had said before��cheap and no good goods, and the language teacher said��there was no free lunch in the world. After thinking about it again and again, still forget it. The bank sister smiled and then went to ask another person. After I played my game, it was my turn. I went to the corresponding window according to the machine prompt. I couldn��t hear the words inside because of the large glass. . Opposite is a female salesman, I gave her the card, she asked me what to do, I said to activate, and then change the card password Online Cigarettes. The female salesman is very direct, saying that it is necessary to change the password. I was speechless and I was once again yelling. After the activation, the female salesman came cold and let me enter a new password. I bowed my head and pressed carefully against the input device with a number and a number, for fear of being wrong and encountering her amnesty. After that, the female salesman said, OK, what else? I said, I have to save money, and then handed over the thousand yuan that my dad had just taken out of the ATM, as if the ancient eunuch was giving the old lady back tea. The female salesman counted in it, and the money screamed and kept ringing. I sighed a few times. When the number is over, she gives me two lists, let me sign, I sign it, give it to her, then she asks if I want to open the online banking, I quickly said no, ready to go, she said thank you, I rushed out. When I left, the machine came to comment on the service. Then I heard an aunt laughing at me. It should be said that I didn��t give someone a score and left. I went straight out of the bank and didn��t dare to see the female salesman��s expression. Seeing my dad, already in the car. When I went back, the car was driving on the road. The speed was not so fast. I was in the wind, watching the bank card that was perfect in my hand, and my heart was sour and bitter Marlboro Red.
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raichad0 ( Gast )

26.09.2019 09:40
#2 RE: OK, what else? I said, Antworten

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goal ken ( Gast )

16.01.2020 07:52
#3 RE: OK, what else? I said, Antworten

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