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Youth, like the one-meter Antworten

Youth, like the one-meter sunshine in the winter, turns instantly; youth, like a mist in the breeze, blows away; youth, like a stream of water at the end of the dry river Wholesale Cigarettes, drying in the sun; youth, like a pot of soil A flower on the top, open and smash. Youth rushed in and hurriedly left. Who knows the footprints she walked through, who is the same as the words she said, who understands the sadness she wrote, and who she left sweet and who is light I don��t know how many days my youth stayed. My hands are full of old cockroaches. My gums have already festered. My cheeks have been engraved with ripples. I have snow marks on my head. Unconsciously, 80 spring and autumn have passed, youth is no longer, but I am still doing the dream of youth. Youth is a woman who is as graceful as Jiangnan Water Country. She has come to me gently. When she wakes up, she has already left. So I desperately recalled the sweet dream, I met her in my dreams, dreaming of her sly figure, I was a young child, and my youth became my gentle mother. She not only takes care of my food and clothing, but also teaches me to write poems every day. I faintly recited Du Fu's "National Broken Mountain River, the city spring grass is deep. When the time is splashing, I hate the birds," and "How many questions can you ask?" Just like a river flowing eastward Marlboro Cigarettes. I can feel the pain of the country��s broken family and the people��s displacement, how sad the poet��s mood is! As for Li Wei, I also think of the flower's "the flag of the king on the city, and found it in the deep palace. It is known that the 140,000 people are disarming, and no one is a man!" Therefore, my mother wants me to always remember the Nanjing Massacre Newport 100S. To be a patriotic citizen, I have a weak-crown age and become my first love lover. I am with her day and night, my ears are full of emotions. One day, we held a large paper umbrella and walked gently in the ancient lane of Jiangnan. Listening to the autumn rain, watching the misty and rainy mountains, holding hands, I can feel her. The warmth of the palm. Under the eaves, she kissed my forehead slightly and said to me gently: "If I go back, would you still miss me?" I said I would, so she leaned her head on my shoulder. We both have tears, and we keep whispering Liu Yong��s "Yu Lin Ling": "Lovely since the ancient injury, parting, but it is cold and clear autumn festival! Where is the wine waking up? Yang Liuan, Xiaofeng Remnant Moon Dream I have been a child of Da Yan, and my youth has become my soft daughter. When she is not married, she is happy, she cares for me, meticulously, understands me everywhere in life, everything is me first; when she is married, She is so sorrowful that I don't drink alcohol and smoke. I crylessly, and touch her forehead and say that she must be a beautiful bride. After she marries, she keeps sending me letters. The content is mostly, I don't forget. Things like taking medicine. Friends are envious of me having a good daughter and saying, "If you have this woman in life, what more is your husband? "In fact Carton Of Cigarettes, I also secretly shed tears, my daughter lives in another city. I hope that I can see her often, and I hope she can live a happy life. How warm is the flag, how sweet it is like honey, how much The situation is beautiful and bloody! Youth is beautiful, although it flashes past, fleeting youth is like a dream, hastily came and hurriedly walked. As Zhu Ziqing said, "Despite going, the coming is coming; In the middle of the trip, how is it rushing? "We must try to understand the Dharma in the middle of youth rushing and coming Parliament Cigarettes, and make people grow bright and beautiful like flowers. You don't have to be vain, you don't have to be secretly glad, you will have no regrets when you bloom hard.
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