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The twilight is dim Antworten

The twilight is dim, the sun is like blood, and the light is smeared in the air. The evening wind blew through the small courtyard, and the dust of the dust fell silently. The scenery was out of a wall. The old man who was over 100 years old was taking care of the flowers and plants of a yard. The old man's ear can't be heard. In every silent evening, everything must be subtle in his eyes as time goes by. In the background of the desolate sunset in the distance, the long-standing back of the old man permeates the vicissitudes of long-lasting things Carton Of Cigarettes. The old man��s hearing was lost in an accident over the years, and he also lost his old friends who had saved his life for the Republic. A few years ago, my wife died. In this unknown town, the old man and his life��s memory live together. The old man always spreads the newspaper under the sun, sweeping through a page of paper with a magnifying glass, searching News about the development of the country... Perhaps the old man is reminiscent of his youthful fragments at this moment or at night when the moonlight is faint Marlboro Gold, and the heart of the waves is renewed. How many unsung heroes have buried their youth and ignited the lights of the motherland? As the smoke fades away, all complaints fall into silence today, and Cypress is speechless. The hero is the son of the old man who is proud of him Cheap Cigarettes. His son was a student of the National Defense University. After returning to his hometown, he worked in the County People��s Armed Forces. Winter is his busiest time, and a group of aspiring young people have chosen to embark on the journey of the army. As soon as he mentioned it, he became a smile in his mouth. The father paid all for the country, and the son devoted himself to the national rejuvenation. All of this was learned from several straight and short narratives of a friend of mine - he happened to be the grandson of the old man. He is a strong boy, and has a stability beyond his peers, always seeing his face with a confident expression. He said that life is a kind of tempering. He said that his ideals are far away. He wants to go to Beijing, but also to contribute to the national defense modernization of the motherland, and then immersed himself in reading, which adds even more brilliance to the eyebrows. My meditation, and finally turned to the heart of the awe-inspiring dear friends, when you take the first tram in the morning to the factory, when you plough to the field, when you drink a cup of soy milk, When I go to school with my bag... Friends, do you realize that you are in happiness? Sixty years later, after reading this piece of text from the war, there was a warm current in my heart. The old man, the son of the old man, the grandson of the old man, the inheritance of an ordinary Chinese family from generation to generation, the subtleties of the Chinese nation��s thick roots. One, but it reflects the change of the country's peaceful development for more than half a century. The happy life needs to fight for itself. "Development is the hard truth" - the words that Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of reform and opening up, said at the present stage also have practical significance. Without a strong national defense, there will be no peaceful and safe development environment. Today, from the second bomb to the domestically produced ground-to-ground missiles Online Cigarettes, it is necessary to introduce weapons from other countries to manufacture weapons, and the new weapons system in China is constantly thinking about the United States. All of them reflect that China's national defense construction is becoming more and more prosperous. Life in a peaceful environment should be grateful, know how to cherish, and should know how to work hard to contribute to the peaceful development of the motherland and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Wholesale Cigarettes. After a page of paper, searching for news about the scene from time to time passed in front of me. Under the shade of the tree, watching from the treetop Fang sky and saw the moon embedded in the expanse of the sky, I seem to see China's future ...... yo China, radiance.

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