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Bag matching tips and cleaning methods
von helloonline In der Kategorie Allgemein am 06.06.2019 um 17:16 Uhr.

When we leave home, we need to carry a bag, no bag, your life will be overwhelmed. Fashionable women, bags and clothes are an important part of how we choose clothes and how to mix bags. This article introduces the latest and most fashionable bagging methods and methods, and describes how to choose a Fake Discount Bally Bag of different colors.

Step / method

With a bag, like the right clothes, you still need to look at the body. If you are a mini girl, it is best not to carry a big bag that covers almost your overall personality. Instead, choose some small and medium packages that are better for you. As for the high, on the contrary, don't choose a small and delicate Replica Cheap Bally Bag, otherwise your body's proportion will soon lose balance. The best choice is a large or large package.

If you can't buy more High-quality Fake Bally Bags for different clothes, or if you don't have enough time and energy to consider this bag, then you can choose a black wild bag and a brown bag. Raising these children can not only beautify your skin and color, but also give you a refreshing feeling.

More formally, a good idea is to choose a vintage bag that gives you an elegant feminine atmosphere.

For those women who want to become fashionable women, as shown in the above figure, with the metal chain as a bag, not only can enhance the exquisite sense of fashion bags, but also help the clothes to enhance the overall shape of the exquisite, do you like it? I won't choose one for myself.

Special bags and special stain treatment methods:

A. When the white leather bag turns pale yellow, the entire bag can be wiped with a toothbrush and a small amount of neutral detergent. At this point, the sewing part can be removed with an old toothbrush. B. If there is dirt, wipe it gently with an eraser and finally apply it with a colorless leather cream. C. Pure white bags can also be treated with a diluted disinfectant or bleach prior to testing. D. In addition, the brown bag can be wiped with a banana peel to polish the Bally bag and make it cleaner. E. Prior to cleaning, the fat can be removed with a detergent or diluted with oxalic acid. After using the toothbrush, wipe the contaminated area and then perform regular processing. F. Method of removing the ballpoint handwriting: The ballpoint handwriting of the colored fabric can be treated with 95% alcohol or immediately before cleaning, while Amway directly cleans the handwriting instead of immersing in water, and the conventional treatment after 5 minutes of parking.

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